Ways to Make a Low Fat Pizza

Ways to Make a Low Fat Pizza

Most pizza that you buy from a pizza parlor or commercial enterprise is filled with fat, often the very unhealthy saturated kind.  This fat can come from a variety of ingredients such as the bread, the sauce and especially the cheese.  The toppings can sometimes add even more fat.  It does not have to be this way, however.  Consider the following tips for making a low fat pizza.


First you will want to make the bread part healthier.  Instead of a pizza dough you could consider using a healthy pita for a base instead.  You can also use an English Muffin.  Of course, you could make the dough yourself and choose a lower fat recipe.  You could even make it whole wheat to make it healthier.  Also, a lot of times they literally brush oil and butter on it, which gives it even more fat so you should avoid doing this.


You might not think of a sauce as full of fat, but it can have a lot of oil in it.  Some of the ones from the commercial pizza parlors are like this.  You can instead make your own sauce, and make it with less fat.  They also sell many different types of pizza sauces at the grocery store.  These range in how fatty they are so you can specifically look for one that is low fat.  In addition, you may just be able to use a low fat marinara sauce as the sauce for your pizza.


Cheese is a big source of fat on a pizza.  Even a little bit of cheese has a lot of fat, and they often just heap it on the pizza.  You can make this lower fat in different ways.  First you can use a low fat or even a fat free cheese on your pizza.  This can make a big difference.  Also, you can just use less cheese to lower the fat content.


Toppings like sausage and pepperoni can add to the fat of a pizza.  In order to lower this you can instead put on toppings that are low fat or do not have fat at all like tomatoes, onions, or more.  If you want meat you can look for lower fat meats like turkey or veggie substitutes instead.

Just because you love pizza does not mean you have to have one that is full of fat.  Once you get your ingredients you can cook it in the oven or even just put it through the microwave.  Consider the above steps to make a low fat pizza.