The reasons for high mch blood test

The reasons for high mch blood test

Lastly, apart from these there are chances when a false reading too can happen. A false high MCH can be found due to hyperlipidemia that is high triglycerides and high cholesterol. Even improper way of blood storage too can give wrong results.

Generally, the human blood is made up of a number of components. In fact some of these are parts of the blood while the others are transported by it. Blood transports oxygen, nutrients to various parts of the body. Blood test is the basic assessment of the health. The most common blood test is the CBC or the complete blood count test. In fact the blood contains a substance called hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the different cells. The MCH test is done in order to determine the level of hemoglobin the blood. means there is more hemoglobin in the blood than of a normal person’s gender and age. This can even indicate a type of anemia.

What is high mch and what causes it?

The MCH also determines the average amount of the hemoglobin per RBC in your body. Since the main task of the hemoglobin is to carry the oxygen to various parts of body it gets disturbed due to low and high mch. If the level of hemoglobin is low then the capacity of the blood to the oxygen becomes less. This in turn causes anemia. But having high MCH too can cause anemia in some people in rare cases. Moreover high level of mch can cause macrocytic anemia. According to macrocytic it means that number of RBCs is higher than normal. On the other hand anemia means that there hemoglobin in your blood is less than normal. This way in case of high MCH there is more hemoglobin per RBC but less in terms to provide oxygen to the various parts of the body.

The heavy and large red corpuscles can be associated with the deficiency of folate and vitamin B12. There are other causes as well like bone marrow disease, hyperthyroidism, liver problems, and high intake of alcohol or due to the use of some type of medications.