The Difference between Vegetarian and Vegan

The Difference between Vegetarian and Vegan

There is a large difference between Vegetarians and those who choose to live a Vegan lifestyle. Being a Vegetarian is more a diet choice and doesn’t usually effect any other part of day except what you choose to eat.

What most people don’t know is there are several different types of vegetarians. Vegetarians simply don’t eat meat, but will eat eggs, honey, and dairy products. Lacto-Vegetarians won’t eat meat or eggs, yet consume dairy products and honey. Ovo-Vegetarians don’t eat meat or dairy products, but will eat eggs and honey. Lastly there are Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians who don’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy products, but will eat honey.

Vegans, however, are very different. They do not eat any animal by-products, and remove all animal by-products from their life. This means they do not eat meat, eggs, dairy products, or honey. They also refrain from eating any food that contains an animal by-product such as gelatin or lanolin. This can be hard to do as many foods in today’s market contain animal by-products. In some cases Vegan must travel or shop in specialty markets or shops to find certain Vegan products. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet you can also purchase Vegan products via online stores. Wool, silk, fur, and leather are other products that Vegans do not use. This effects what clothing they choose to wear, office supplies, bedding, furniture, etc.

There are many reasons behind adapting to the Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. For some, it is because of a religious philosophy. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam prohibit some form of meat or animal products. For other Vegetarianism or Veganism is an ethical choice. They choose not to eat meat or use animal by-products because of the harm and pain inflicted on animals during the extracting process. Still, others choose it for health reasons. Countless studies have shown that when done properly a Vegetarian or Vegan diet can be very healthy. I know this is true from personal experience. I lost 50 lbs when I became Vegetarian.
Still, others choose to be Vegetarian for economic, psychological, or environmental reasons.

Whichever reason you have for changing your diet it is extremely important that you do research before devoting yourself. Rushing into a life-changing decision is never something to do uneducated.