Rear-end Collisions: Help from Auto Accident Lawyers

Rear-end Collisions: Help from Auto Accident Lawyers

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The number of rear-end collisions on our roads is very high. Death, multiple amputations, traumatic brain damage that will cause Encephalomalacia, paralysis and other severe consequences are common occurrences where high speeds are involved. A visit to the website of the best rear-end auto accident lawyers is recommended if you are a victim of this type of automobile collision so that you can learn more about what you need to do in order to recover compensation.

Negligence has been identified to be the top contributor to these types of collisions, according to rear-end car accident statistics. Speeding, tailgating, cell phone use, talking with passengers and applying makeup are some of the identified reckless acts that result to these accidents. It is quite difficult to identify the culpable party in rear-end crashes because all parties involved will distance themselves from liability. The law generally places blame on the driver who hits another from behind, but in many cases the, so called, innocent party is totally responsible for the crash. An example of this is where a motorist makes a sudden stop on a freeway, leading to the driver behind running into his or her vehicle.

These types of collisions may involve several vehicles. This happens where a driver is first rear-ended, then he or she rear-ends another vehicle, and so on. Rear-end car accident claims in such instances are riddled with complexities because it is never easy to tell who among the liable motorist you should claim compensation from.

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Intensive investigations are usually necessary so as to determine fault in rear-end collisions. Your rear-end auto accident lawyers will collect witness statements, police reports, examination of skid marks, take images of vehicles involved, and use images from space satellites and CCTV cameras.All liable motorists in a chain rear-end collision will be liable to compensate you depending on their apportioned fault. You may also be bared from collecting 100 percent of the value of your claim if you had contributed to the accident’s occurrence.

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It is only when you have a lawyer present that it is appropriate to handle discussions with insurance companies about your compensation. You should avoid speaking to insurance adjusters, especially if the crash resulted to whiplash injuries or where it involves more than one defendant. The insurance company will deny your claim in a multiple vehicle crash by asserting that there is no clearly identifiable party. In your whiplash injuries claim, the insurance company will ask for proof of their existence. It is only with help from strong-willed rear-end auto accident lawyers that you will recover compensation under these circumstances.

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