Q&As for tonsil stones

Q&As for tonsil stones

Q: Hi, have you heard of Mullen to treat post nasal drip or Tonsilloliths? If so, do you have any feedback? I have had tonsil stones for about 6 years and even though I have not had one in about 2 months, I have post nasal drip which I think is affecting my breath. I went to an herbalist and he suggests mullein. Ill let you know the results. Thanks for this tip.

A: This advice seems quite sound and I agree! I am a final year undergrad student in molecular microbiology and so the lymphatic system is something I have learned a lot about. My lifestyle has gone down the tubes (little exercise, too much alcohol, stress) and I have began to see tonsil stones for the first time! I can easily conclude the relationship with alcohol and my stones, as they start to pop up after a few binge drinking days (which needs to stop for many other reasons apart from smelly stones!). This advice is great, and has only helped to motivate me. Your body will definitely be more likely to create smelly stones if your overall health is down, I am considering these my warning! Healthy diet and exercise for myself are not just an idea anymore, but a necessity to get rid of stink breath.

Q: Hi, just a quick question. I have constant bad breath and my ENT diagnosed allergic rhinitis and mentioned some “bacteria” on the tonsils. I have a lump in the back of my throat and post nasal but no such stones to speak of. Do you think it is a “diet” thing I need to change?

A: My personal experience is that once you start to eat healthier and engaging in more healthier activities such as yoga and tai chi, these problems start to go away. You harmonize your body with these activities and conditions like these heal.

I am quite paranoid that tonsil stones harbor a lot of nasty bacteria (and viruses?) (encapsulated in bio-film and/or mineral deposits?). I was wondering if you accidentally consumed one, i.e. eating something that caused it to dislodge and then swallowed it, could it spread infection elsewhere? Or make you sick to your stomach?

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Over the weekend I kept tasting cigarettes (I don’t smoke and haven’t done for over 10 years). I had it every now and then and then everything I drank tasted of them. After a weekend with a sore throat and earache I decided to investigate and found some stones in my left tonsil. I removed these immediately but since have had a funny taste in my mouth constantly. I am very conscious of it and am sure my breath must smell awful. Is this normal. It no longer tastes of cigarettes it is just disgusting. After reading how bad tonsil stones smell I did smell one (who could resist after reading that) and wonder if it is a bit psychological now! I have felt lumps again today but can’t see anything yet. I have made no changes to diet or exercise so assume it must be some kind of bacteria or virus being fought “ my son and husband recently had hand foot and mouth but I didn’t get it “ could it be that???