Vomiting is very common to dogs. There could be many different reasons for vomiting such as stomach diseases, upper intestinal tract infection, ingestion of toxic substances, and so on. Vomiting is instinctive for dogs to force unwanted food or foreign objects out of their body. When a dog vomits, sometimes like a dry heaving in our human 1, it does not necessarily mean that they have some kind of serious illness. However, if your dog vomits repeatedly followed by diarrhea, lethargy, or a change in behavior, then it is time to consult the veterinarian and request for medical attention.

Mild Acute Vomiting

The causes of dog vomiting can be divided into two those that lead to mild acute vomiting and chronic vomiting. Mild acute vomiting is a sudden episode of vomiting which often occurs just one time. Over-eating and eating too fast could cause a dog to vomit. To avoid this, dog owners could give smaller amounts of food perhaps two or three times a day instead of one big meal. Dogs could also vomit if they have eaten something indigestible or toxic.

Some dogs like to chew random objects or to dig through the garbage. If you know that your dog has a tendency to do these, it only means that your dog might have swallowed something that caused intestinal obstruction. What you should do to avoid this is to keep your garbage containers in an area that your dog does not have access to. Another cause of mild acute dog vomiting is motion sickness. Dogs, just like some people, could feel disturbed with loss of a sense of balance while inside moving vehicles like cars and boats.

Chronic Vomiting

Unlike mild acute dog vomiting, chronic vomiting implies continuous or frequent dog vomiting for more than two weeks. Some causes for chronic vomiting in dogs include food allergies, reaction to certain drugs like steroids and antibiotics, and stomach problems like gastritis and ulcer. If your dog vomits persistently, it may also mean that they have infectious diseases like parvovirus 2. Dogs are prone to this disease if they have not yet completed their vaccination sequence.

Parvovirus has been proven to attack and kill the cells in the intestinal lining of dogs. Other causes of chronic dog vomiting could also be worm infestation, obstruction in the stomach, liver disease, and even stomach cancer. It is important for dog owners to observe their pets carefully. If you see that your dog is getting worse, then a visit to the veterinarian should be made.

We have created this article to express our opinions on the best products available in the market to cure Nose cold sores and to help you make an informed decision before you buy any product.

Because there are so many scams on the internet nowadays, it is difficult to know what actually works. We have reviewed  Cold Sore Free Forever and  The Cold Sore Treatment and in doing so, we have tried to cut through all the hype and reveal only the facts that will help you decide whether a particular treatment is the right one for you or not.

Feel free to browse through this web site and get to know more about the ‘Cold Sore Free Forever’ and ‘The  Cold Sore Treatment’ products. Nose Cold Sore Sufferers – finally a cure that works.

So, what exactly are Nose Cold Sores? If you have ever suffered from cold sores you will know that if you do not take almost immediate action to treat them they can spread across your lips and, in extreme situations, even manifest themselves as a nose sore (details).

A Nose Cold Sore are sometimes referred to as ‘fever blisters’. They are in essence, a blister which before it will heal will crust over and very often, break open causing great discomfort and more significantly, embarrassment. Cold Sores are a member of the Herpes family and are caused almost exclusively by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 or HSV1.

Most of us have had cold sores at one time or another in our lives. What you may not know is that once you have had the virus you have it for life and it stays in our system, living in the nerve endings of our body waiting for some external stimuli to reignite it. A Nose Cold Sore can be triggered by events such as fever, overexposure to the sun, stress, exposure to extreme cold temperatures, menstruation, local skin trauma, and general ill health. As a general rule, cold sores will occur when our immune system is weakened by something such as one of the events mentioned.

Some fairly typical common nose cold sore symptoms include an irritation on and around your lips about 2-3 days before the blister appears, the affected area is sensitive to the touch, a swollen red area will appear and ultimately, blisters will appear on the lips. The blisters enlarge and often spread and in the fullness of time, if left untreated, and burst open and then crust over to form scabs which are really awful to look at and socially, spell the end of your social life for at least a week! If you do not take action and allow your cold sores to spread the ultimate in embarrassment is when you get nose cold sores.

The great news however is that fellow sufferers have discovered that there is a solution and best of all, one which is fast acting, organic and won’t cost you the earth. To learn more about ‘Cold Sore Free Forever’ or ‘The Cold Sore Treatment’ just click through the link to read our review and gain instant access to these two outstanding products which will relieve your symptoms and the social stigma of an unsightly nose cold sore or cold sores on your lips and mouth.

There are some similarities  and differences for both mitosis and meiosis.

Mitosis And Meiosis Quiz

A rapid series of questions are especially designed for those who have an interest in the biology subject. The Mitosis And Meiosis Quiz gives you a complete knowledge of cell division and through these quizes it becomes easy for students to learn such things while playing and having fun. Quiz is used in teaching and similar field to determine development in abilities.

Mitosis Steps

It is a kind of a division of nucleus. It is a division of production of two daughter cells which are identical. This method is done by eukaryotic cell. The similar method to mitosis is cytokinesis. Eurokytes are single celled as well as multi cellular organisms; mitosis is done in both of them for asexual reproduction. Most commonly it is seen in plants. Many people have spider as well as airplane plants and mitosis is seen very commonly in these plants.

See more on steps of mitosis.

Mitosis Vs Meiosis Venn Diagram

Cell division is one of the most essential features and fundamental characteristics of life. This is the feature which is responsible for the propagation and perpetuation of life on earth. The method of cell division is found everywhere starting from simplest organisms like amoeba to giant sized animals like elephants or the tall coconut trees. Cell division finds relevance in all major life supporting and life propagating activities. Cell division takes place via two methods. 1. Mitosis and 2.Meiosis.

In my personal opinion, I feel that Speed Up Fracture Healing – The Bone Healing Miracle would be well worth a read. With 76 pages of a wide and varied package of information, I believe there is something there that could at least help a little bit (or a lot) for anyone who wants to take it on board.

Since reading the book, I have already increased my intake of Magnesium (as a supplement in powder form for a start to give me a boost) and also bought some extra Almonds (which I’ll toast) to help with my Zinc levels.

As well as many things I “didn’t know”, I have found that this Speed Up Fracture Healing and the 5 Free books I was given as part of the package, have reminded me of several of the things “I should be doing”!

What are the “BAD” things I found about this book?

  • The first “Bad” aspect I found to this book was probably the layout. For an e-book, I thought the layout could have been more creative, however, all the information is there which is the most important part.
  • The second “Bad” observation I had (if you can call it “Bad”), as I said in a previous post, was that there was SO MUCH information in the 76 pages that it was hard to take it all in with just one reading!

What are the “GOOD” things I found about this book?

  • That there IS actually SO MUCH “Good” and helpful information that to have it in your own hands would be a wise investment as a quick reference point to help you with your own healing.
  • I found that the advice integrating both the medical profession and “helping ourselves naturally” was very balanced.
  • There was none of this “airy-fairy” style of healing practices. All the suggestions given were very practical and down to earth.
  • The 5 FREE Bonus Books were so helpful and of really great value in their own right. These 5 FREE books rounded the whole package out in my opinion. (Please note: I’m not sure how long these freebies will be available – that’s out of my control.)

All in all, there are more details about bone fractures like comminuted fracture (the full details) and closed fracture (the full details). I was most impressed with the wide variety of information contained in Speed Up Fracture Healing – The Bone Healing Miracle by Margaret Davison.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and if you do choose to get the book, I hope it helps you with your own recovery.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Lawyers

The number of rear-end collisions on our roads is very high. Death, multiple amputations, traumatic brain damage that will cause Encephalomalacia, paralysis and other severe consequences are common occurrences where high speeds are involved. A visit to the website of the best rear-end auto accident lawyers is recommended if you are a victim of this type of automobile collision so that you can learn more about what you need to do in order to recover compensation.

Negligence has been identified to be the top contributor to these types of collisions, according to rear-end car accident statistics. Speeding, tailgating, cell phone use, talking with passengers and applying makeup are some of the identified reckless acts that result to these accidents. It is quite difficult to identify the culpable party in rear-end crashes because all parties involved will distance themselves from liability. The law generally places blame on the driver who hits another from behind, but in many cases the, so called, innocent party is totally responsible for the crash. An example of this is where a motorist makes a sudden stop on a freeway, leading to the driver behind running into his or her vehicle.

These types of collisions may involve several vehicles. This happens where a driver is first rear-ended, then he or she rear-ends another vehicle, and so on. Rear-end car accident claims in such instances are riddled with complexities because it is never easy to tell who among the liable motorist you should claim compensation from.

What Do You Know About Attorneys

Intensive investigations are usually necessary so as to determine fault in rear-end collisions. Your rear-end auto accident lawyers will collect witness statements, police reports, examination of skid marks, take images of vehicles involved, and use images from space satellites and CCTV cameras.All liable motorists in a chain rear-end collision will be liable to compensate you depending on their apportioned fault. You may also be bared from collecting 100 percent of the value of your claim if you had contributed to the accident’s occurrence.

Figuring Out Lawyers

It is only when you have a lawyer present that it is appropriate to handle discussions with insurance companies about your compensation. You should avoid speaking to insurance adjusters, especially if the crash resulted to whiplash injuries or where it involves more than one defendant. The insurance company will deny your claim in a multiple vehicle crash by asserting that there is no clearly identifiable party. In your whiplash injuries claim, the insurance company will ask for proof of their existence. It is only with help from strong-willed rear-end auto accident lawyers that you will recover compensation under these circumstances.

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Lastly, apart from these there are chances when a false reading too can happen. A false high MCH can be found due to hyperlipidemia that is high triglycerides and high cholesterol. Even improper way of blood storage too can give wrong results.

Generally, the human blood is made up of a number of components. In fact some of these are parts of the blood while the others are transported by it. Blood transports oxygen, nutrients to various parts of the body. Blood test is the basic assessment of the health. The most common blood test is the CBC or the complete blood count test. In fact the blood contains a substance called hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the different cells. The MCH test is done in order to determine the level of hemoglobin the blood. means there is more hemoglobin in the blood than of a normal person’s gender and age. This can even indicate a type of anemia.

What is high mch and what causes it?

The MCH also determines the average amount of the hemoglobin per RBC in your body. Since the main task of the hemoglobin is to carry the oxygen to various parts of body it gets disturbed due to low and high mch. If the level of hemoglobin is low then the capacity of the blood to the oxygen becomes less. This in turn causes anemia. But having high MCH too can cause anemia in some people in rare cases. Moreover high level of mch can cause macrocytic anemia. According to macrocytic it means that number of RBCs is higher than normal. On the other hand anemia means that there hemoglobin in your blood is less than normal. This way in case of high MCH there is more hemoglobin per RBC but less in terms to provide oxygen to the various parts of the body.

The heavy and large red corpuscles can be associated with the deficiency of folate and vitamin B12. There are other causes as well like bone marrow disease, hyperthyroidism, liver problems, and high intake of alcohol or due to the use of some type of medications.

Looking for information or facts about hurricane Katrina, where it happened and how it happened? You’ve come to the right place.
Do you have questions and want to know hurricane Katrina facts like: “When was hurricane Katrina?” “How do hurricane form?” “What cities did Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005?” and “What was the hurricanes death toll and what are the facts about how many people were injured from the hurricane”?

Read below for amazing hurricane Katrina facts, the devastating 2005 storm in New Orleans that shook the world.

  • Hurricane Katrina formed on August 23rd, 2005 and started as a category one hurricane.
  • Katrina then strengthened to a category 5 hurricane and was in fact among one of the strongest and most devastating hurricanes or storms to hit the US coast in a hundred years. Hurricane Katrina was in fact ranked third of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in U.S. History.
  • Area’s affected by the storm were: South Florida, New Orleans and Greater New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Bahamas and much of the eastern part of North America.
  • Katrina’s sustained wind speeds were 125 MPH and it wiped out many homes and affected many cities and towns along the gulf coast.
  • The storm damaged 81 billion dollars worth of property, making it the most destructive and costly hurricanes recorded in U.S. History. Katrina covered roughly 90,000 square miles.
  • The death toll for hurricane Katrina reached 1,836 deaths. 1,577 people were killed in Louisiana and the deadly storm killed 238 people in Mississippi.
  • Much of the damage from the storm was caused by an aging levee which had been built to withstand a category 3 storm. Hurricane Katrina was in fact a category 5 storm caused the levee to breach causing massive flooding.
  • 80 percent of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana became flooded due to the storm. In some places the flood water was up to 10 to 15 feet deep.
  • The Hurricane Katrina storm lasted from August 23rd, 2005 to August 30st, 2005, lasting 7 days or 1 week.

The dry cough offers numerous leads to, the most typical which is definitely an top air passage an infection which comes after the chilly. The chilly may also result in the effective coughing, the industry coughing which creates mucus (phlegm). The continual, dry cough may be because of whooping coughing (pertussis) or perhaps a indication of the persistent situation, for example emphysema or even asthma. Whooping coughing is actually unusual within babies because of vaccination, however it is actually remarkably typical within grown ups simply because vaccination gets much less efficient with time.

Severe as well as life-threatening problems consist of congestive center failing as well as lung most cancers. Simply because you will find a wide variety of options, a number of that are existence intimidating, you should get in touch with your physician to go over your own signs and symptoms as well as solution your own queries.

Infectious causes

  • dry cough is really a indication of numerous virus-like as well as transmissions such as:
  • Typical chilly (virus-like respiratory system an infection)
  • Croup (virus-like sickness that’s typical within young kids)
  • Empyema
  • Legionnaires’ illness (kind of microbial pneumonia)
  • Whooping coughing (pertussis)
  • Tuberculosis

Additional causes

The continual coughing could be because of leads to associated with respiratory system as well as digestive system techniques such as:

  • Air passage discomfort (bronchospasm)
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Asthma as well as allergic reactions
  • Persistent obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD, consists of emphysema as well as persistent bronchitis)
  • Congestive center failing
  • International entire body (air passage blockage)
  • Lung most cancers
  • Pleurisy (irritation from the coating round the lung area as well as upper body)
  • Pneumothorax (hit bottom lung)
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Growth from the larynx


Particular medicines that may result in a dry cough consist of ACE inhibitors (such as captopril) to manage higher bloodstream stress.

Queries with regard to figuring out the reason for the dry cough

To assist within figuring out the reason for your own coughing, your physician or even certified healthcare specialist will in all probability request a person queries associated with your own signs and symptoms such as:

  • Just how long perhaps you have experienced the actual coughing?
  • Have you been paying something (such as bloodstream)?
  • Have you been inhaling and exhaling via the mouth area (rather than your own nasal area)?
  • May be the coughing maintaining a person upward through the night?
  • Have you got the a fever?

Do you know the possible problems of the dry cough?

The cough could be a indication of the infectious or even inflammatory procedure, a lot of which may be very easily handled. Your own plan for treatment can sometimes include self-care steps in your own home, for example damp atmosphere as well as anti-inflammatory medicines. You should get in touch with your medical provider whenever you encounter the dry cough with no apparent trigger or even in case your coughing is actually continual, repeated, or even leads to a person issue. When the fundamental trigger is actually identified, subsequent your skin therapy plan laid out because of your physician might help decrease your danger associated with possible problems such as:

  • Dehydration in the event that coughing happens along with diarrhea or even throwing up
  • Dehydration because of decreased liquid consumption
  • Trouble resting
  • Fainting spells through severe coughing assault
  • Exhaustion
  • Throwing up.

It is my intention to get into the shape I have longed to be in for so many years, I want a six pack, I want strong able arms, I want to be able to bend in any way the music or the wind inspires me to, so I will work, and I will work hard, I have tried so many times but things always got in the way, I need to find the will power to make it through anything that comes up, I think this will be a huge step towards my happiness. I want to move without restriction, I want to be confident about how others see me, I want the beautiful soul that’s inside me to be able to be seen from the outside!

Embodying what you speak of(though i would like to have a bit more flexibility) I will admit, it does wonders to my self image. But i’ve realized, some days i don’t feel comfortable with myself, and my outer image does not help my inner. What i’m saying is that just your outer image is not going to bring you that happiness. I’m sure you realize that, as you said step toward happiness. My thoughts are FULLY with you, because our bodies are meant to be kept in shape. As martha would say,”it’s a good thing.” But I would like to mention that you must work on your inner self as much (if not more) as you work on your outer self. Best of wishes. Eat right and exercise. Your thoughts affect your outer appearance as much as your actions do. Visualize yourself as you would like to be. Have a concrete picture in your mind as you would like to be. Write down your stats if you must. but make it concrete. Keep your discipline as well! Otherwise you will fall back into the same pattern. Create a new pattern for yourself. Golden crane, here i come.(lol) — Asher

What a wonderful intention !! I join you on this one! (tho I don’t want a six pack) :) As we’re going to carry these ‘earthsuits’ with us everywhere we go — we might as well have them be beautiful reflections of our Spirits!!
May I suggest – change the “want” and “need” to more present statements …

According to the Law of Attraction, as you say I CAN MOVE WITHOUT RESTRICTION, I AM CONFIDENT ABOUT HOW OTHERS SEE ME, MY BEAUTIFUL SOUL IS SEEN FROM THE OUTSIDE … then everything you need to manifest this in your life will present itself to you.

I KNOW these things are true for you –Angelica

Grats on taking the first step towards health! First: Just making the decision to make a change is a huge step. One can change from the outside in or from the inside out, both are viable and smart to do and in working to get in shape you’re doing both! Here are my insights on exercise and health and such, I hope you find them helpful:

-Drink lots of water. I’m talking a half a gallon or a gallon a day. (The easiest way to do it is to get some Crystal light from the grocery store, mix it into a half gallon pitcher then pour that pitcher into two 1-quart water bottles. They’ll go down easy!)
-Find an exercise plan that is fun first and intense second. I, for one, am addicted to Dance Dance Revolution. It’s always interesting and it’ll help you with that moving to the music that you’re looking to do.
-Eat lots of protein, about 1g/lb of body weight. It’ll help you build muscle, reduce your daily caloric intake and give you a steady source of energy through out the day.
-Get a George Foreman grill. These things are sweeeet! and they make it so much easier to eat healthy.
-Go to this website –> then click on super site. You’ll find articles to get you on track and forums to keep you on track.

My last piece of advice is hardly appropriate but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention it: I used to have a problem with my weight (Hovering between 215lbs and 230lbs) until I started on Prozac. Since I started I’ve dropped to a pretty steady 185lbs-190lbs. While it’s not a great idea to start on a psychotropic drug purely for the aesthetic benefits should you already be on one or need one there are a lot out there that can help you out. But I’ll repeat: Don’t start meds *just* to lose weight.

We’re all in this for you. I’m pretty well versed in sports nutrition (I think), so if you need any help setting up a diet/supplement plan give me a holler and I’ll see what I can pull out of my hat. :)


I love to play DDR, though I don’t have a version at home and I doubt my lower neighbors would appreciate my stomping on the floor, and I don’t have the money to go to the arcade and play it often, but every once in a while I’ll drive about 40 minutes out of my way to play Pump it up, it’s like DDR but every where that DDR doesn’t have an arrow, Pump it up does… I prefer it as it makes for smoother dancing, I used to play it for hours straight back in college (the days I was in shape)

thanks a lot for your advice though, I do need to drink more water, I tell myself that all the time, but it’s hard for me to have it with me, I tend to be “too busy” to get a drink…

but I’m working on it!

In 1991, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a program the 5-A-Day for Better Health Campaign that still continues today however it has been re-named and redesigned to fit the ever changing needs of our society. Today, the campaign is now referred to as Fruits & Veggies-More Matters campaign.

The 5-A-Day campaign (Fruits and Veggies-More Matters) will help you understand how many fruits and vegetables are recommended for you based on your age, gender, and physical activity levels. It also has some wonderful recipes and tips on increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption.


The intent and main objective of this important 5-A-Day campaign is to increase awareness of the importance of eating at least five a day(5 fruits and vegetables a day)if not more everyday for better health! There is a great deal of evidence that links a diet high in fruit and vegetable consumption with better health.

Because of all this research, The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services Centers of Disease Control(CDC)recommends that we consume between 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. The latest statistics show that less than 17% of US adults are reaching 5-A-Day and less than 11% consume at least 3 servings of fruit a day. This has obviously had a negative impact on our health as a society.

Fruits and vegetables obviously contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Compared with people who consume a diet with only small amounts of fruits and vegetables, those who eat more generous amounts as part of a healthful diet are likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases, including stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers.

When it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables it’s true that more matters but so does a insuring a balance of variety and color in our diets. No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. However, today one of the most raved about fruits, the acai berry, has gotten a lot of attention for its variety of health benefits.

Consuming fruits and veggies of many different colors gives our bodies the wide range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that we need. It is all about variety when it comes to reaping the benefits of fruits and vegetables. We all get stuck in a rut of eating the same color and same type of fruits and veggies which is ok but adding color to your plate is important as well!

RED Fruits and Vegetables are colored by natural planet pigments 5adaycalled “lycopene” or “anthocyanins.” Tomatoes, watermelon, and pink grapefruit all contain high amounts of lycopene which can help reduce our risk of several types of cancers, especially prostate cancer. Anthocyanins found in red grapes, raspberries, and strawberries, and other red colored vegetables act as a powerful antioxidant that help protect our cells from harmful damage. Examples of red fruits and vegetables include cranberries, cherries, beets, rhubarb, strawberries, radishes, red peppers, and red apples.

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are known for their “carotenoids.” Research indicates that these groups are beneficial in preventing risk of heart disease, cancer, and can help improve our immune system’s performance. Beta-carotene, found in carrots and sweet potatoes can also help with keeping our eye health at it’s best. Examples of these include yellow apples, butternut squash, grapefruit, papayas, pears, peaches, cantaloupe, nectarines, sweet corn, and persimmons.

The green category of fruits and vegetables include a pigment called “chlorophyll.” Some green fruits and vegetables including spinach, dark leafy greens, green peppers, peas, cucumbers, celery contain lutein which helps to protect our eye health and of course certain types of cancer. Examples include green apples, artichokes, kiwi, green peppers, zucchini, honeydew melon, and peas.

Blue and/or purple fruits and vegetables, like red fruits contain fruit “anthocyanins.” Found in blueberries, acai berries, grapes and and blueberries are powerful antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in our body as well as protect our bodies from cell damage caused by free radicals. Examples include figs, eggplant, purple grapes, acai berries, and juneberries!

White fruits and vegetables are colored by “anthoxanthins” which are known for their help in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and may even reduce risk of stomach cancer and heart disease. Some white fruits and vegetables including potatoes, bananas, are good sources of potassium as well. This group includes cauliflower, parsnips, potatoes, jicama, mushrooms, and onions.

Tips for Consuming 5-A-Day Everyday!

Consuming at least 5-A-Day servings of fruit and vegetables can be easy following these simple tips to help you consume more antioxidants. If you want more information on the 5-A-Day campaign or other ways that you can increase your antioxidants and protect yourself from diseases, please contact me!

1. Add vegetables to soups and casseroles for added nutrient value.

2. Add vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots to sandwiches or pizzas. Stir-fry is also a great way to make sure you are getting a wide variety of color in your diet.

3. Keep a bowl of apples, bananas or grapes on the dinner table for increased convenience. The more you can see them the better chance you will eat them.

4. When you purchase fruits and vegetables from the supermarket be sure to wash, cut and prepare them right away. This will help you reduce waste and increase your chances of eating them.

5. Drink antioxidant packed juices but be sure to only consume products that contain 100% fruit juice. Most juices today are filled with sugar and extra calories. Did you know that the acai berry ranks the highest in antioxidants compared to any other fruit and vegetable on the planet?

6. Keep dried fruit in your office desk to help you curb cravings throughout your work day.

7. Instead of high caloric desserts choose fruit and top with your favorite low calorie cool whip or pudding for extra taste.

8. Keep low-fat/calorie dips around to increase flavor for fruits and vegetables.

9. Instead of fries or onions rings for your side dish, pick a healthy lettuce salad for dinner or lunch.

10. Try filling you place with as much color as you can with vegetables or fruit at each meal. Then add the main course such as chicken, meat, or potatoes.

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