Kelloggs Special k Crackers Tomato and Herb

Kelloggs Special k Crackers Tomato and Herb

Kellogg’s Special K crackers in Italian tomato and herb are flavorful, crisp and low in calories. They are a baked cracker with whole grains and a savory Italian flavor. Kellogg’s Special K crackers are a snack cracker that satisfies hunger without killing a diet. Each serving of 17 crackers (22g) is only 90 calories and 2 grams of fat.

Kellogg’s offers a second serving size breakdown on the product box for the hungry snacker wishing to indulge in the tasty cracker. The larger serving is 24 crackers (30g), which equal 120 calories and 3 grams of fat.

The Kellogg’s Special K crackers are about the same size of a Nabisco Wheat Thin cracker. The Kellogg’s cracker has wavy edges and is an appealing toasty tan color. When you first open the inner plastic cracker bag, there is an aroma of Italian herbs. The aroma of the crackers is not overpowering but subtle and there is not one specific spice that stands out.

When you pop a Kellogg’s Special K cracker into your mouth, the cracker has a big crunch. There is a slight salty flavor at first taste but then the Italian tomato and herb flavor comes through. Underneath the tomato and herb flavors is a mildly sweet taste from the wheat part of the cracker. The combination of all the flavors makes for a delicious cracker that pairs well with a sandwich, soup or salad. The Special K cracker also tastes great on its own for a low-calorie in between meal snack. This cracker is also delicious when dipped into roasted red pepper hummus or low-fat French onion dip.

The Italian tomato and herb Special K cracker is packaged in an 8-ounce (226g) box. There are approximately seven servings per box. These crackers do not have any cholesterol and no Trans fats. A 17-cracker serving has only 190 mg of sodium and the 24-cracker serving has 270 mg. The Special K crackers do contain wheat, milk and soy ingredients. Each box retails for less than $3 a box in U.S. supermarkets.

The Kellogg’s Special K cracker is part of the Special K Challenge product line. According to Kellogg’s, on their product box, people who participate in the Special K Challenge can “trim up to an inch from your waist.” The Special K cracker in either the Italian tomato and herb flavor or the multi-grain flavor fits into the Challenge in the snack category. For more information regarding the Special K Challenge, see the Kellogg’s website.

For a quick, low-calorie snack that is full of flavor, the Kellogg’s Special K cracker in Italian tomato and herb is a winner. Enjoy a handful of Special K crackers with lunch, dinner or as snack whenever hunger hits.