Infant skin rash treatment

Infant skin rash treatment

About 20 percent of newborns are affected by acne is known as neonatal acne baby. This is really a matter of great concern because no one wants their innocent and cute baby being affected by it. Let’s take a quick furtive glance on acne baby.
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What causes acne Baby?

Acne vulgaris, occurs because the main activity of the sebaceous glands the glands that produce a large amount of excess oil. When this excessive oil production to cause skin rashes combined with the bacteria that cause acne and hair follicles, is an environment for acne breakout. However, the main cause of baby acne is that hormones that are passed from the mother during labor. These hormones excite the sebaceous glands in the baby and thus give in acne.

Baby acne is more pronounced when the child is upset or worried. The breakdown of acne can occur even when a little of milk is divided or used a coarse cloth on the baby. Do not wash the baby clothes with harsh detergents as this can we make the acne breakout.

Some facts about baby acne
Usually occurs when a baby is around four weeks of age and persists until the age of four months. May appear in the chin, forehead, cheeks and sometimes even in the back of the child. The condition is more common in male infants than female group.

Do not confuse baby acne with other skin disorders!
You also have to be careful not to confuse the acne on young children with allergy disorders or any other skin. Some babies have bumps on the face from the moment of birth, but which are missing after a few weeks, this type of skin disorder is called milia.

In addition, some babies are called eczema rashes. Therefore, the main thing is that you have to properly recognize whether it is really acne or allergies and just go for any type of medication. But even if an allergy is minor, you should try to get rid of it ASAP.

Treatment Acne in babies

Regarding the treatment options available, the best thing is patience, as in many cases baby acne goes away by itself alone without any medication. Apart from it, which should strictly do the following if your baby has acne:

1.Avoid wash the baby’s face and body with strong soaps.

2.Always use a mild soap or shampoo.

3.Also, do not wash your baby clothes with any detergent hard and avoid using that kind of clothes for the baby because they can cause rashes on the baby’s body.

4.You should also see that your child is not provoked or fussed as it could aggravate their condition.

5.And last but not least, meet the dermatologist and strictly follow their advice to treat acne. You can not afford to experiment with any of the counter products for your baby’s skin.