Guide to Low Fat Grilling

Guide to Low Fat Grilling

Its that time of year, the sun is shining the sky is blue and everyone wants to be outside. No one wants to be stuck inside cooking over a hot stove. The solution, grab some lean meat, a few spices for seasoning along with some fresh vegetables and head outside.

Grilling is one of the easiest ways to cut fat without cutting flavor. Always choose the leanest cuts of meat and cut any visible fat from the meat before grilling.

You can cut the fat and calories even more by simply skipping the heavy sauces and use spices instead. When marinating it is best to use low fat or fat-free ingredients. For an easy low-fat marinade try a little olive oil mixed with lemon juice and some fresh herbs.

By adding hickory chips, you can add flavor without adding extra fat and calories. You can also buy liquid smoke, which will add a smoke flavor to your food without adding fat or calories.

Skip the butter laden baked potatoes and grill some veggies instead. Corn is a good choice for grilling or you can use an assortment of fresh vegetables and have veggie kabobs.

Fresh fruit such as fruit salad, watermelon or cantaloupe and you have the perfect warm weather treat to follow your grilled meal. However, you could also follow your meal with a nice bowl of homemade ice cream. Which, when eaten in moderation, will not hinder your low-fat goal.