Gourmet Mac and Cheese Ideas

Gourmet Mac and Cheese Ideas

Macaroni and cheese may be a kid’s favorite meal but it isn’t just for children any more. There are so many ways to create grown up mac ‘n cheese that you may never run out of ideas. You can make it as complex or as simple as you have the time for. If you are having trouble getting started, here are just a few ideas.

To make a great adult mac ‘n cheese you need to have mastered the basic béchamel sauce to which all the wonderful cheeses are added. Béchamel is the basic white sauce made from a roux of butter and flour combined with milk. Salt and pepper and maybe a few spices along with cheese are the blank canvas that helps you to create a variety of adult mac ‘n cheese.

Lobster mac ‘n cheese

This is one of the absolutely most decant ways to create grown up mac ‘n cheese. The secret here is not to overcook the lobster and also to make sure it is chunks. There is no point in adding this luscious seafood if you can’t see it mixed with the cheese sauce. This is not the time to use a cheese that might overpower the light flavor of lobster, use a lighter cheese such as gruyere or Monterey jack. Keep it simple and let the cheese and the lobster work their magic, a little hint of nutmeg and salt and pepper is all that is needed to make this perfect.

Bacon mac ‘n cheese

Two all-time favorites combine to make what may just become your favorite variation of mac ‘n cheese. While this can be made more adult by the choice of cheese, with a mild cheese it is perfect for a family meal. For adults consider a mix of cheeses, both Ina Garten and Martha Stewart suggest a combination of gruyere and cheddar. Depending on how much macaroni you are using, cook two pieces of good quality smoked bacon per serving.  Prepare the cheese and macaroni as you usually would then crumble the bacon into the mixture. Cover with buttered bread crumbs and bake in the oven until the topping is browned and bubbling.

Caramelized onion and Gorgonzola mac ‘n cheese

Begin by caramelizing the onion. One large white onion will do. Do it slowly, this is a process that cannot be rushed. While the onions are caramelizing, make the béchamel and add the gorgonzola and some gruyere for extra flavor. Add the pasta and the caramelized onions and enjoy.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can turn a simple childhood comfort dish into a wonderful gourmet delight. Let’s face it, there is hardly anything in the world that won’t taste great in mac ‘n cheese.