Getting Cheap Pizza Deals

Getting Cheap Pizza Deals

Pizza is probably a favorite of your family as it is for millions of people around the world. But with the costs of everything going up, you need to save money on anything and everything; including your love of pizza. You can save money on pizza with these quick and easy tips and still enjoy those delicious slices of a family favorite.

Look for deals and coupons – A lot of pizza places have specials and deals that if you buy multiple pizzas you’ll get a cheaper price on each pizza. You may find flat rate discounted pizzas, buy one get one deals, free topping deals, and more. Generally buying 3 or more pizzas can get you the most pizza for your buck from big pizza chains. As for coupons, you can find them in flyers, stores, menus, and even online.

Go independent – Time and time again when I go to order pizza, especially when I go to order just one pizza pie, I’m faced with the fact that smaller, independent local pizzerias often give you the most pizza per dollar. Their pizzas tend to be larger then the big companies’ pizzas and often for less money.

Check out local pizza places around your area and you might find that their pizza tastes better then the big chains. It can be hit or miss with any pizza place, so try a couple to find the best tasting pizza at the best price.

Split the pies – As mentioned earlier, there are often deals that make pizza cheaper per pie when you buy multiple pies. But what if you don’t want or need that much pizza? Consider having a pizza night where you can invite friends or family over for dinner. Everyone can throw in a few dollars to enjoy the pizza and everyone ends up getting a cheap meal that tastes great.

This option works especially well in college dorms where you might be able to get a whole group of students together to go in on pizza with you, saving everyone money on food.

Make your own – Making your own pizza isn’t only fun, but it can also allow you to make custom pizza just the way you want. Whether you want to make a healthy pizza or a pizza loaded with all the toppings; buying the ingredients at the store then making it yourself can save you money. It takes more time to make your own then to pick up the phone to order, but you might be surprised with how many different kinds of pizza you can make.

Get creative and try new toppings or new pizza/pasta sauces. Mix up different kinds of cheeses or experiment with herbs and spices.

Whatever kind of pizza you like and whatever your budget, you can get great fresh pizza while still saving money.