Causes of Vomiting in Dogs

Causes of Vomiting in Dogs

Vomiting is very common to dogs. There could be many different reasons for vomiting such as stomach diseases, upper intestinal tract infection, ingestion of toxic substances, and so on. Vomiting is instinctive for dogs to force unwanted food or foreign objects out of their body. When a dog vomits, sometimes like a dry heaving in our human 1, it does not necessarily mean that they have some kind of serious illness. However, if your dog vomits repeatedly followed by diarrhea, lethargy, or a change in behavior, then it is time to consult the veterinarian and request for medical attention.

Mild Acute Vomiting

The causes of dog vomiting can be divided into two those that lead to mild acute vomiting and chronic vomiting. Mild acute vomiting is a sudden episode of vomiting which often occurs just one time. Over-eating and eating too fast could cause a dog to vomit. To avoid this, dog owners could give smaller amounts of food perhaps two or three times a day instead of one big meal. Dogs could also vomit if they have eaten something indigestible or toxic.

Some dogs like to chew random objects or to dig through the garbage. If you know that your dog has a tendency to do these, it only means that your dog might have swallowed something that caused intestinal obstruction. What you should do to avoid this is to keep your garbage containers in an area that your dog does not have access to. Another cause of mild acute dog vomiting is motion sickness. Dogs, just like some people, could feel disturbed with loss of a sense of balance while inside moving vehicles like cars and boats.

Chronic Vomiting

Unlike mild acute dog vomiting, chronic vomiting implies continuous or frequent dog vomiting for more than two weeks. Some causes for chronic vomiting in dogs include food allergies, reaction to certain drugs like steroids and antibiotics, and stomach problems like gastritis and ulcer. If your dog vomits persistently, it may also mean that they have infectious diseases like parvovirus 2. Dogs are prone to this disease if they have not yet completed their vaccination sequence.

Parvovirus has been proven to attack and kill the cells in the intestinal lining of dogs. Other causes of chronic dog vomiting could also be worm infestation, obstruction in the stomach, liver disease, and even stomach cancer. It is important for dog owners to observe their pets carefully. If you see that your dog is getting worse, then a visit to the veterinarian should be made.