Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant?

Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant?

This question is now the trending topic for teenagers who are now exposed to pre-marital sex. Can precum get a girl pregnant? Precum is the informal name for Cowper’s fluid. Studies show that this clear and viscous fluid is produced by the Cowper’s gland and of the prostate gland. It is excreted by the penis upon arousal, kind of what the female also secretes when aroused. Medically speaking, Cowper’s fluid or precum is naturally responsible for lubricating and preparing a much more adaptable environment for the sperms before they enter a female’s vagina.

So how can you get pregnant from precum? Basically stated on Actforlibraries precum alone cannot make a girl pregnant, but there are some cases which it is somehow responsible in getting a girl pregnant. How? Try to closely observe what happens with the following situation. Boy has two different girlfriends. Boy meets up with girlfriend number 1, decides to do the deed (have sex ) using the withdrawal method, upon arousal boy starts to secrete Cowper’s fluid or precum inside girlfriend number 1 and pulls out before ejaculation.

After a while, boy left and goes to girlfriend number 2 and also used the same withdrawal method. Boy again upon arousal starts to secrete precum fluid inside girlfriend number 2 however, this time after secreting precum, girlfriend number 2 decided to use protection. Boy ejaculates inside girlfriend number 2 but uses a condom for protection. Now, here is the question, which girlfriend would most likely get pregnant?

Here is the conclusion to this little situation. Girlfriend 1 didn’t use protection, putting her at higher risks for getting pregnant. But can girlfriend 2 get pregnant even though she decides to use protection? The answer is also a Yes! Because even though girlfriend number 2 uses protection before the boy ejaculates, there were some traces of sperm left on the boy’s urethra which was transferred to girlfriend number 2 during the secretion of precum fluid and by that period they still weren’t using any protection.

And so, can precum get a girl pregnant? Again the answer is Yes, because in some cases precum acts as a vessel to transfer the remaining traces of sperm into the girl and possibly get her pregnant. It is only one of the few mistakes made by teenagers who are involved in pre-marital sex. The most common is the lack of education regarding such matters and not using any protection. There are other major issues involved besides getting the girl pregnant, issues that should be taken seriously.

Through the secretion of precum fluid, since it acts as a vessel and naturally come in contact with the female organ, there is also the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or STDs and even HIV. But most teenager’s involved in pre-marital sex don’t know these types of information. At present, teenagers are so hard to control. They are so unpredictable and wild that they couldn’t care less about such matters. Teenagers should be wise and brave enough to consult doctors to help guide them and educate them with these matters. It would help prevent teenagers making such mistakes like entering parenthood at an early age. Some even resort to abortion due to unwanted pregnancies and risks of them getting HIV are at a higher rate. Teen agers have the ability to make the right decisions. They just have to learn how to strongly decide doing what is right from what is wrong.