Black Poop In Adults

Black Poop In Adults

Is Black Poop in Adults Dangerous?

Black poop in adults isn’t the huge cause for concern that you’re probably making it out to be. Sometimes, things just don’t work the way that they did when you were younger. At 21, you could probably get by on 2 hours of sleep after partying all night, eat a bunch of junk food all day, maybe take a pain killer to help with the hangover and then you’d do it all over again. Don’t think for one minute that you’re not going to see some type of consequence for your actions as an adult. Your body can’t simply dismiss this abuse because it takes a lot more effort to keep balanced as you age.

Although black stool may seem like a troubling topic, it’s rarely a huge cause for concern. Yes, you probably do need to make some positive lifestyle changes but at the same time, unless your black stool is chronic, it is doubtful that you need to rush to see a doctor either.

Now you might be have experienced orange stool and knew the causes of orange poop, If it is a concern of yours, you should also evaluate your health overall and listen to your body. Do you feel sick or are you in any amount of pain? Sometimes as adults, it’s easy to see changes and panic when in all actuality, some things naturally change during the aging process.

Watching Your Weight?

Black poop in adults is often present due to dieting. Nearly everyone knows that your metabolism slows way down as your age so most put forth the effort to make healthy lifestyle choices.

If your idea of fighting the bulge consists of opting for delicious salads and plenty of raw and steamed green vegetables, this could be causing the discoloration in your stool. These foods are full of chlorophyll, a substance that gives plants and green vegetables their beautiful green coloring. If you are eating more greens, it is natural that your stool will be green but sometimes the green is so dark that it is mistaken as black. If you are wondering if black poop in adults is dangerous because of healthy diet changes then the answer is absolutely not!

Also, many adults who are dieting will admit that they turn to laxatives to stay regular, especially because stressful adult lifestyles can cause constipation. Of course, constipation just makes you feel bloated and incredibly uncomfortable. If you are wondering if black poop in adults in dangerous and you know that yours is because of taking laxatives far too often then yes, it is dangerous.

Laxatives are incredibly bad for you. Now, if you take them every once in a while, probably not a big deal but understand that the more often you take them, the more your body becomes dependent on them. This means that pretty soon, the only way you can have a bowel movement is by taking laxatives. At this point, your system is way off-balance and good bacteria is scarce.

Choose to use a product like Bowtrol that will keep you regular without damaging your system. If you already have a dependency on laxatives, Bowtrol can help your system get back to how it should be. As a bonus, Bowtrol helps you lose weight without even trying, something anyone can appreciate.